About Us


Barry James

Production Director



Everyone knows Barry. Born in London, he studied photography at Northumbria University and then started to work with London Underground.

He gained experience working in the movement through the TSSA union, and he was a rep and activist throughout. He left to join the Leader of the Opposition’s Office under Jeremy Corbyn and now is here.

He has a passion for left wing politics and football. He has a season ticket at QPR and he is part owner of Clapton Community Football Club. Loves pints, hates Tories.

Peter Allen

Creative Director



He knows filmmaking, politics, and technology, and Voices lets him pursue all three. After finishing university, he won a number of short film awards but moved away from film making.

When left ideas became rose to prominense, he started working with different groups, helping them with their media projects, films and websites. Commonly can be found stood at the front of demos and protests with a camera.

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