Here is a small sample of our work. Throughout the years we have recorded hundreds of videos which have been put out by those we have worked with. Without us none of these videos will have been possible since we work at little or no cost and pick projects that we think would benefit most.

Together We Win

We were approached by Jeremy’s office to do a number of shorts on Islington and the NHS for social media. We managed to pack in 5 interviews in an afternoon to get it done. The combined views from Twitter alone numbered over a million.

Labour for a Ceasefire

“Are you at the demo today?” Jess asked. Yes we were and we have a camera so we helped her shoot a quick video with some background footage for Labour for a Ceasefire which aims to change the Labour leadership policy supporting an end to the oppression and bombing in Gaza, West Bank and Israel.

Shattered Nation

We were thrilled to be approached by Danny to produce a video that we thought would be to promote his upcoming book, Shattered Nation. Little did we know it would be less of an advert and more of a complete summary of the book. Danny pitched the idea of talking through some of the main points in a rich area of London. Since he is an Oxford professor and knows the city well we thought it best to do it on his home turf where he could add a personal touch.

Poetry for the Many Launch

We were asked to produce a promotional video for the launch of Poetry for the Many a collection of poems. We thought since it is a selection of favourite poems from Jeremy Corbyn and Len McCluskey the concept should be following them as they read a favourite verse.

Music for the Many Launch

The Peace and Justice Project got in touch for us to film the launch of Music for the Many which supports struggling venues and new bands. The first of many nights we are hoping to go and support with video and media.

Jess for NEC

Jess asked for a campaign video for her election to Labour’s NEC. Happy to oblige we shot this around Deptford in a few hours and got it out a few days later for her for no cost. She was successful in the first round and now is a much needed progressive voice on the National Executive Committee.

Jeremy Corbyn and Maxine Peake in Conversation

Jeremy visited Manchester to give a speech at the Peterloo rally which commemorates the Peterloo massacre. Afterwards he caught up with Maxine Peake which we recorded for the Peace and Justice Project.

Pacto Histórico Election Video

We were approached to help get the international vote out for Pacto Histórico in the Colombia in May 2022 so went to Trafalgar Square to a demo and interviewed supporters. The video was used by UK supporters. The party came first in the first round of voting and secured the highest UK international turnout in history.

Arise Festival 2022

Arise has always been a hub for progressive ideas, debate and a must visit event. We took our camera and shot a number of speeches and sessions and knocked up this promo trailer for it.

Richard Burgon’s Speech at Arise Festival 2022

Always a good speaker Richard closed out the day with an impassioned speech.

John McDonnell’s Arise Festival Speech 2022

John opened up the event making the case for a progressive economy that works for the people.

James Schneider: Our Bloc Launch

Having worked on a number of livestreams with James in the past he invited us to his book launch to film to support the launch.